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I’m slowly getting to the point where the Morkanaut is done.  Right now I need to finish a few sections and then go over the model and make sure I haven’t missed anything.  While it may not be great in-game, the model is incredible and really fun to work on.

Photo Jul 13, 10 39 49 PM

Photo Jul 13, 10 40 13 PM


Chaos Star Dice Bag by Greyed Out

The dice bag is lined in black fabric.


I’ve been working on ideas for new dice bags, and ended up with something that I think a lot of Warhammer 40,000 players will really like, especially with the recent release of the 6th edition Chaos Codex and the newer miniatures for Chaos Space Marines.

The dice bag is sewn from black cotton canvas, with a yellow chaos star screen printed on it.  It’s also lined in black fabric, so the only colors on the bag are the star and the dark brown drawstring.  You can find the dice bag listed at Greyed Out.

I’ve also been working on a Warpwolf Stalker for my Circle Orboros; I think he’ll be getting a mohawk modeled on him, and I’ll try to post some pictures of that. I’ve updated my Miniature Painting Commissions page a bit as well. My rate is $8/hour, which includes assembly, pinning, etc. I will probably cap certain projects after a certain time period, meaning that while I quote $8/hour, I would only charge for 7 hours of work for say, an infantry squad. The cap option comes into play when painting entire armies, where a discount for volume might be really appropriate.


For the Slaptimber Painting Threat on the Waaagh Forums I threatened to paint my warboss and a mob of 21 boyz, the start of Waaagh Uzdreg. I have one observation so far: all that Bad Moon yellow is going to take me ages to paint. Good thing it calls attention to itself, so I can worry a little less about small slip-ups on the rest of the model. Plus, once the entire shoota mob is painted it will look great on the tabletop.

My current ork skin recipe: Basecoat with P3 Thornwood Green, and then cover with P3 Traitor Green. On the nobs and characters I’ll probably do something similar to Warboss Uzdreg, where the Traitor Green is carefully painted to leave a darker Thornwood Green in the recesses between the muscles.

My way of doing metals: I basecoat in Boltgun Metal, and then take a very thin coat of P3 Bloodstone and sort of wash/stipple it on. Makes the metals look a bit more dull and used. I may also do a super-thin wash of a green, and then another Bloodstone wash, to add even more dimension.

I’ll be trying to link to these update posts in the Slaptimber thread on the Waaagh Forum as well. Feedback would be awesome, but is not necessary.







In other news, I completed several costume commissions for Dragon*Con, and both clients loved the work I did.  I’ve already been in communication to do a second costume for an anime convention in November, which is going to be exciting.

I’m planning several new print designs for dice bags, and have picked up some great Halloween fabric – a checkered purple and neon green that I’ll be combining with a deep purple fabric for a “Joker Edition” dice bag.  I’m really thrilled to see how it will come out.

As always, you can find my dice bags at


Happy gaming!

I think I’ve been bitten by the ork bug.  Again.  For those who might not know, orks are Games Workshop’s big greenskinned baddies, at times silly, crude, clumsy, hysterical, and brutal.  Someone on the Dakkadakka forums posted to see if there was interest in a kustom greenskin dice order from Q Workshop.  The greenskin dice are custom ork dice, with an orc skull on the 6 face and crude slashes on the other sides, counting up.   I looked at pictures, and they are some of the purtiest dice you’ve ever laid eyes on.  Naturally, I want in.  The last several times that kustom orders were placed, there were a ton of different color options; you could get black dice with white marks, green dice with yellow marks, and so on.  They look really, really cool!!  I get excited about stuff like this.  It looks like there is enough interest in an order(about 2K dice have to be ordered to make it worthwhile), so I’m looking out for the thread detailing how/when to order.  Dice cost is apparently somewhere around $1.30/die, which isn’t bad for fully custom dice.  At least, to my limited knowledge it isn’t.

In the meantime, I got bitten by the ork bug.  I have a Warhammer Orcs and Goblins army in Texas, and I’ve always really liked the greenskins.  In Fantasy I prefer goblins, but in Warhammer 40K it’s all about the orks with guns.  Lots and lots of loud, crude firearms in the arms of 7-foot tall green monsters.  I haven’t played Warhammer 40K in about a decade, and have been sitting on a chaos space marine army for ages that I’m trying to trade/sell.  6th edition just came out, so I thought that this year might be the time to start collecting.  So I’m looking to begin an ork army at some point, because I love all the ork miniatures out there.  Playing the game will probably be secondary to just having a huge horde of orks.  I get a lot of enjoyment out of painting miniatures, so it’s something to look forward to.

Orks are a fungus/animal hybrid, and they spread wherever they go.  They’re born with intuitive knowledge of mechanics, firearms, etc.  They’re big, and they keep growing throughout their lives.  Ork nobs are the bigger orks, who’ve been around for a battle or fifty.  As orks age, their green skin also gets darker.  Orks love a good fight, and going fast – a lot of ork hordes(or Waaaghs) consist entirely of orks in trukks or on bikes, traveling as fast as they can from battle to battle.  They’re simplistic, but fun.  From what I’ve read, orks don’t win too many battles on the tabletop, because they’re a complex army to play properly.  That’s alright though – a ton of the ork players I’ve seen online seem to collect orks purely for the fun of modifying and scratchbuilding.  They are some of the most creative modelers out there, and it’s always fun to see what an ork player will come up with next.

As I said, I got bitten by the ork bug.  I channeled some of that energy into a creative endeavor, and made some orc skull print dice bags, both for myself and for my Etsy.  I used a screen printing tutorial I found online, a cheap and easy way of doing it that doesn’t require a ton of money to set up.  I think materials and supplies cost me less than $20 – the most expensive items are the Mod Podge glue and the fabric paint(at about $7.99 each).

Ork skulls are easy to draw – lots of straight choppy lines, and big teeth(teef).  Take a look at the pictures below to see what I came up with, and check them out at Greyed Out, my Etsy shop.



I’m going to be open for commissions again, starting today.  I paint miniatures, as well as sew.  For miniatures, I’ve been working on Privateer Press armies for the past few years, but also have experience doing Games Workshop miniatures.

Infantry squads are $35-$45 for 10 troopers

Warjacks and warbeasts are $25

Warcasters and warlocks are $25

Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 have similar pricing structures, varying on a unit-by-unit basis (Ogre Warriors vs. goblins vs. Tyranid Warriors, for example).

I can be reached via email at greylikestorms(at)gmail(dot)com, please feel free to email me to discuss commissions.  I’m also open to discounts for entire army commissions.


Some examples of recent work:



It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  I keep meaning to update this blog more often, and then I end up forgetting or simply get busy with life.  I have an update today, though!

I actually just finished a big order of dice bags for Game HQ in Oklahoma City, so if you’re a local, expect to see those in the store soon.  They’re getting a dozen of my reversible bags, a dozen suede bags, and a dozen of the standard adventurer’s bags.

In the next few weeks, I’m going to be working on more dice bags to build up a stock in my inventory, and I’m also planning on bringing that plushy cyclops to life.  I’ll post a picture a bit farther down in the blog post of the idea.


Hobby-wise, I’m painting Warmachine miniatures again.  This time I have a Spriggan on the painting table, with Beast-09 to follow later.  The Spriggan will follow my Zerkova theme, lots of darker, muted wintery colors with only a few plates of my unique Khador red.  The main colors of the Zerkova theme are Cryx Bane Highlight for the main color, with shadows and highlights provided by mixing Thornwood Green and Hammerfall Khaki into the CBH.  It works really well.  In addition, I’m planning to add a lot of battle damage to the Spriggan, much like my pink Karchev.  Right now I’ve got a lot of the base work done, and next come all the finicky tricks to make it look good.  I’m also doing a slightly different base – I took the idea from the NQ #40 preview that we saw recently, and doing a slightly raised concrete base.

Privateer Press recently released a few preview videos of their upcoming projects, and in addition to being stoked about the new colossals, I’m also really looking forward to the Iron Kingdoms RPG reboot.  They had a great piece of art in their video, showing a gobber settlement, and that has me wanting to make more buildings.  I have several that still need painting, but I also want to make a few more.  I’ve been toying with the idea for doing the buildings for a gobber logging camp.  It would be somewhere at the edge of the Thornwood, near the road that Khador hacked through the wood to attack Cygnar during the Thornwood War.  The camp has been there long enough that the buildings are permanent additions, and there’s a thriving community of entrepreneurial gobbers working to profit.

I’m also still trying to sell my chaos space marine army, with no luck so far.  I’m actually a bit surprised, because from all reports and rumors chaos marines will be one of the first updates in the new edition of Warhammer 40,000, and may actually be included in the box set.  Going to keep trying to sell it, because there’s no reason not to, and having it gone would save some space in our closet.