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I spent time today working on a stencil for new dice bags… What does everyone think?  The “Greyed Out” is going on my current Moleskine notebook.

I have several more quotes that still need to get put on the stencil, but this is a great start I think.  The plan is to use either fabric ink or acrylic paint to apply them to the dice bags.  Acrylic paint sticks very well and is almost impossible to get off your clothes, so I’m fairly certain it will work for dice bags as well.

The first of these new dice bags should be live in my Etsy store next week. I also currently have a sale going on for 20% off – use coupon code SAVE20 to get the discount. You can find my shop, Greyed Out, here.


I just wanted to put out a short reminder that Greyed Out’s holiday sale is ending on Christmas Day. Code HOLIDAYS15 gets you 15% off your order at Greyed Out. I won’t be able to ship anything and get it delivered with certainty by Christmas, but it’s the perfect time to indulge in a small gift for yourself.
Merry Christmas, everyone.