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I started work on my Beast-09 a few days ago, after tons of inner debate on how I wanted to pose him.  I’m still not entirely sure about the posing the arms will take, but I got his legs and base done tonight.


This will be the base.  I wanted Beast standing with a leg up on a slightly raised edge, both to give him extra height and to make him look more menacing.  The base here is cork with plasticard layered on top.  The idea is that it’s a concrete/shale slab that’s cracked.



This is the position the legs will take.  No glue, no pins, just the legs standing flat on the plasticard.  I’ve cut off and filed down the pegs on the bottoms of the feet.  Initially I planned to pin one of both feet.



And here is the final position of legs+waist on the base.  I used green stuff in the peg-holes, and made sure to position both feet flat on the card of the base.  The green stuff will be curing overnight.  Instead of pinning the feet, I glued them down so that the green stuff will be in the position I want it to cure in.  I’m hoping that the final model will be stable enough to stand without pins, especially once the cork is glued to the actual base.  Here I’m using a Games Workshop monster base as a square platform for the cork to rest on.  Previously I used a pencil to trace the inner circle of the 50mm Privateer Press base onto the monster base, so I can easily tell where the edges are, to avoid too much cork overhang.  (Hint: the outside edge of a Privateer Press 40mm base fits perfectly into the inner ring of a 50mm base.)



This is the first model in a very long time that I’ve started putting together before priming/painting.  I’m curious to see how well it goes, since I’m so used to doing everything in pieces and then glueing at the very end.  Originally I wasn’t planning on glueing the legs to the card, but wanted to make sure that the legs stayed flat while the green stuff epoxy cures.

That’s it for this update.  Thanks for reading!