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classic black dungeon 1 dice bag


The Dice Bag of Mapping is a potential powerful item when used correctly.  An unassuming drawstring bag at first glance, it has an unusual design – the bag will sit open on its own due to the unique construction.  It is large enough to hold a handful or two of dice, enough chalk to mark a labyrinth, and/or various other small items.  When used correctly, the bag will display a map of the wielder’s surroundings for 500 feet in all directions surrounding him.  Handy for moving through dungeons, and even in wilderness environments!  Some versions of this dice bag also allow the user to make a “pinch and zoom” motion with his thumb and index finger on the fabric to see a larger or smaller mapped area.

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I recently picked up some suede, and have been making it into dice bags. Let me just say that this fabric is incredible, and I love working with it. I have two colors, a smoky gray and a rich sienna. I think the pictures have come out really well – I took them both on the map I’ve been working on, with dice scattered around.

The smoky gray suede bag is perfect for moodier gaming days. The color is reminiscent of a stormy day, the sky flashing thunder and lightning as the dice roll.

The rich sienna suede dice bag is more of a traditional fantasy bag. It’s easy to imagine this bag hanging from the belt of a warrior or a wizard, holding spell components or a handful of coins for that night’s ale at the tavern.

I’ve also been continuing with my 365 Sketch Project. So far I’ve been getting at least one sketch a day done, which you can see at my Tumblr. It’s a mix of Mouse Guard fan art, pin up girls, and random other sketches. I’m really enjoying it so far, and I can’t wait to have 365 full days of sketching done.

I’m going to be trying(keyword) to do a sketch/illustration/doodle every day.  It’s a 365 project.  I’ll try my best to post them here, and will also have them on my Tumblr –

I don’t own a scanner, so they will consist of iPhone pictures for the time being.  This is number 1.  It’s a Mouse Guard piece that I did for fun.  I’ve been obsessed with Mouse Guard lately, and my wife got me the RPG box set for Christmas.  I might be drawing a lot of mice with medieval weaponry for the next few weeks.

I’m also thinking about restarting my Zibbet shop, and focusing on cartography.  Illustrated maps of fantasy locations, basically.  I’m working on a Mouse Guard map right now that I’ll try to post pictures of in the next few days.  I’m pretty happy with it.