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Odd really likes jumping on our big mirror.


The mirror stands roughly 6 feet tall, and he can leap up to the top from the ground with no problem.  The lack of front claws doesn’t seem to be an issue for him.  I’m against declawing cats, because it’s much like having the first joint of each of your fingers removed, but I’m glad that we were able to rescue Odd and give him a good home.  He and our other cat, Bela Lugosi, are slowly starting to get along.  Now if only they’d stop initiating chases with each other at 6am…

We’ve raised $75 out of $700 in our ChipIn, which is just above 10%.  If everyone could spread the word, it would be awesome – share on Facebook, Twitter, ask your aunt, etc.  I’ll post the link to the ChipIn page again at the bottom of this picture.  I’ve been considering perhaps doing a small giveaway with donations – perhaps a dice bag if you donate $20 or more?  What’s everyone think?




The ChipIn page for our pet deposit can be found here:


Again, thanks to everyone who shares the post, spreads the word, and is able to give a bit here or there.  We love our cats, and they’re a blast to watch.






We adopted a cat a week ago, and named him Odd.  Odd is a Maine Coon/Norwegian mix, and is just over a year old.  We found him at a shelter, where he was staying in a small cage surrounded by lots of other cats.  His previous owners had had him declawed, and when they got tired of him, they took him to a vet and told them to put him down.  A simple as that.

“We don’t want this living creature anymore, so please kill him for us.”

We found him and brought him home, and he and our other Maine Coon, a black cat named Bela Lugosi, are just now starting to get along.  Odd likes to crawl under the comforter and sleep there during the day.  He jumps on tall things, and look out over the room.  He bats you, hard, with his little paws when he’s playing, or when he wants you to leave him alone.  He also loves getting snuggled, and will shove his head into your hand so you can scratch his head.

This is Odd.

We are moving apartments at the end of this month.  Our apartment complex is great, but they do require a pet deposit.  We just didn’t know that it would be $300 per cat.  That kind of money isn’t easy to come up with, so I wanted to start a ChipIn fundraiser to help out a little bit.  I set the goal at $700, because we also want to see about getting Odd and Bela a cat carrier and a climbing tree.

The ChipIn page can be found here:

Any help would be incredible, and much appreciated.  Our two cats are definitely our babies, and the last thing we want to do is give them away.  Please feel free to share this post if possible.  Thank you.