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The Dice Bag of Nine Pockets is easily one of the most popular dice bags I offer at, and the other day I took some new pictures.

The images show off the pockets, as well as the really cool new dice I grabbed for my Alpha Legion – I’m really excited to start using these in games! The blue and red dice bags also have nine pockets each, and I took these pics mostly to offer some images of the various colors I have available.

In addition to that, there are new pictures of the Tyrannosaur and Killer GM dice bags as well. Take a look, and as always, you can get a discount on your order if you use the coupon code “dftba” at checkout.

Dice Bag Sale!

20% off sale at Greyed Out! Click on the image to get to my Etsy shop. Use coupon code SAVE20 to get the discount.

All it took was one conversation, and suddenly I’m back playing Circle Orboros. I’ve always liked my dirty hippie druids, but I’ve never actually explored any of their constructs with the exception of a single Woldwarden and two Woldwyrds. I don’t own either of the Baldur models, and I’d love to change that.

With the October 24th release of the Woldwrath, the Circle Gargantuan, I decided that maybe it was time to do something about my lack of experience with constructs. I love the hobby, but I don’t have a big budget for miniatures. I decided that I’d start an Indiegogo campaign, and add a construct blog where I discuss painting techniques, assembly, and various list-building thoughts as well as battle reports.

As perks I have a variety of Greyed Out dice bags, and I’ll be coming up with some cool construct-related logos as well. Since it’s a crowd-funding effort, I’ll be taking a poll on what colors to paint the Woldwrath and all the constructs in the project. I’m going to be doing a lot of research to find various types of stone that would look great on Circle Orboros constructs.

The People’s Constructs Campaign went live yesterday on Indiegogo; I actually wanted to set the funding goal much lower, but apparently IndieGogo has a $500 minimum.

One of the big things I’d love to do with this campaign is support my FLAGS(friendly local awesome game store) rather than going to a giant internet retailer. It’s important to spend locally to keep great businesses in the community, and I think that game stores are where many people first get introduced to the hobby.

Please spread word of The People’s Constructs Campaign; I’d love to make this an incredible gaming and hobby experience, and hopefully bring something awesome to the Warmahordes community.

Greyed Out’s Fall Sale is almost done! It ends on Halloween, so stop by and see if there is anything you like. Save 25% with the coupon FALLBASH or get free shipping using FREESHIP as your coupon!

Check out my handmade high quality dice bags, or see if any of the art I make appeals to you. Please spread the word to friends as well!

Freestanding Dice Bag in Inquisition Red Suede

Grey Tiled Miniature Crooked House

Skeletal Hand in Acrylic

I’ve got a Quest for today, and I’d love for everyone to help out:  I want to sell five of my dice bags and send them out into the world.  Tweet, Facebook, spread the word in whatever way possible, because that’s what I’ve been doing too.


Remember, the Greyed Out Fall Sale is still going on – you can save 25% on your order by using the coupon code FALLBASH or get free shipping with FREESHIP.


The sale goes til October 31, Halloween, so there’s lots of time to spread the word!


For anyone who is curious, my shop can be found at:

Greyed Out





It’s not perfect, but it works.  New cover photo for the Greyed Out Facebook page.

Hey everyone,


It’s finally starting to feel like fall outside.  The air is starting to smell crisp, trees are beginning to change colors, and the nights are cool now.  In order to celebrate that, I wanted to have a fall sale at Greyed Out.

From now until the end of October, you can get free shipping using the coupon code FREESHIP or 25% off your order using the code FALLBASH.


I believe I mentioned it in my previous post, but I do think that everyone who has a dice collection should have an awesome dice bag to carry them in.  It’s simple and easy to get a mass-produced dice bag when you’re first starting out in your Dungeons and Dragons adventures, but why settle for that?  Greyed Out has a great selection of dice bags available, and while I do sell the same design multiple times, the chances of running into another person with the exact same dice bag are slim.  Get something cool and unique and give your dice a happy home.

You can find Greyed Out on Etsy at:


A few examples of my dice bags:






For the Slaptimber Painting Threat on the Waaagh Forums I threatened to paint my warboss and a mob of 21 boyz, the start of Waaagh Uzdreg. I have one observation so far: all that Bad Moon yellow is going to take me ages to paint. Good thing it calls attention to itself, so I can worry a little less about small slip-ups on the rest of the model. Plus, once the entire shoota mob is painted it will look great on the tabletop.

My current ork skin recipe: Basecoat with P3 Thornwood Green, and then cover with P3 Traitor Green. On the nobs and characters I’ll probably do something similar to Warboss Uzdreg, where the Traitor Green is carefully painted to leave a darker Thornwood Green in the recesses between the muscles.

My way of doing metals: I basecoat in Boltgun Metal, and then take a very thin coat of P3 Bloodstone and sort of wash/stipple it on. Makes the metals look a bit more dull and used. I may also do a super-thin wash of a green, and then another Bloodstone wash, to add even more dimension.

I’ll be trying to link to these update posts in the Slaptimber thread on the Waaagh Forum as well. Feedback would be awesome, but is not necessary.







In other news, I completed several costume commissions for Dragon*Con, and both clients loved the work I did.  I’ve already been in communication to do a second costume for an anime convention in November, which is going to be exciting.

I’m planning several new print designs for dice bags, and have picked up some great Halloween fabric – a checkered purple and neon green that I’ll be combining with a deep purple fabric for a “Joker Edition” dice bag.  I’m really thrilled to see how it will come out.

As always, you can find my dice bags at


Happy gaming!

Hi everyone,

I wanted to post and let everyone know that this weekend only(June 16th and 17th), I’ve reduced prices on Greyed Out’s drawstring bags to $16/each. That puts them all at $20 *or less* with shipping. Each drawstring bag is handmade by me, so I know that they’re great quality. I have two designs, the standard dice bag and the freestanding bag, which has a 4″ square bottom and stands open on the tabletop for really easy access to your dice.

Check them out at Greyed Out and take a look below:

Gunmetal Gray Suede

Hobbit Brown Suede

Freestanding Suede Bag

Reversible Design Bag

Reversible Bag Closed

It’s been forever since I’ve updated.  Life getting busy can do that, I suppose.  I’ve also been trying to stay off the computer from 7pm on, to unwind and de-stress myself a little bit.  It’s actually really nice to put away the technology and not worry about email, Facebook, Google+, Reddit, and so on and so on in the evenings.  I highly recommend it to everyone.

I recently acquired some new business cards, courtesy of Vistaprint – I took advantage of an offer on their site and got 250 business cards for $10.  Not bad at all.  I’m happy that I have something to hand out to people, and also that I’ll be able to include them in orders from my Etsy shop.

I’ve also been sketching again, just doing some random practice with faces and such.  I like how that’s turning out, and it’s making me happy to break out the pencils again.  Here are some examples:

Still a long way to go, obviously.  But it’s a start.  I recently caught a blog post by Terese Nielson on the Muddy Colors blog about doing portraits in an interesting way that I want to try out as well…

In the shop I’ve added a bunch of new dice bags, so be sure to check that out.

Freestanding Drawstring Bag in Gunmetal Gray Suede

Freestanding Drawstring Bag in Hobbit Brown Suede

Freestanding Drawstring Bag in Ranger Green Suede

Drawstring Bag in Ranger Green

I’m really happy with how these are turning out.  The suede is a lovely material to work with, and the bags look great when they’re done.

I’ve also put up some ads on and Tabletop Gaming News, so keep an eye out for my ad banners on those sites.  I’m definitely noticing an increase in traffic, which is great.

Design-wise, I want to make a few dice bags with snap hooks attached, so that you can latch them onto your belt loops, backpacks, and so on.  I think that might be kind of a cool idea.  Thoughts?

I’m still slowly writing Airships of Marrakesh… very slowly.  Again, life has been busy, and I’ve been focused on marketing my Etsy shop where I can.  But it’s all good.