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The last few months have been very busy at for both myself and Greyed Out Productions.  I ended up with a large surge of dice bag orders beginning near the end of November, and ongoing to the end of December.  I’m not sure if someone found a Greyed Out product they liked and reviewed it to thousands of readers, or if the holiday season is simply when more people go searching online for gifts both handmade and manufactured.  Either way, I’ve been busy sewing dice bags for the last several weeks, and still have a few orders to catch up on.  It’s been incredible, and I’m hugely thankful to every one of my customers.

One thing I do know is that Graven Games reviewed a couple of Greyed Out dice bags, and that I’ve already seen several orders as a result.  Graven Games is based in the UK, and the last week has seen orders with United Kingdom mailing addresses, so it’s a logical conclusion that the review caused the orders.  It was also pointed out to me by a customer that Tabletop Gaming News posted a link to the Graven Games review.

As the new year approaches, I’m already thinking ahead to 2013 and to a few things I’d like to do differently in the coming months.  I want to build up stock, so that I can reduce my shipping times.  I do make all Greyed Out dice bags myself, and a stock of already-finished dice bags would allow me to ship within 1-2 days rather than the current 3-6.  I also want to seek out more opportunities for having my dice bags reviewed, and may look into craft fairs or conventions here in the area as well.  I have no experience with selling locally, so it would be a learning experience for me.

Life-wise, the year is ending well.  We had our Christmas celebration a week early, when my wife’s mom came to visit for a weekend.  The days afterwards were weird, as I kept thinking that Christmas was already over, and had to keep reminding myself that the rest of the world didn’t celebrate the day on the 17th.  I received several very cool gifts for Christmas, including a few Moleskines(limited edition Hobbit kind), a book on the sketchbooks of various authors and illustrators, new boots, wine, art, and a few roleplaying books.

I now own the Hackmaster Player’s Handbook and the Hacklopedia of Beasts, and Kenzerco has outdone themselves on the production values for both.  These are incredible books, both faux leatherbound, 400 page hardcovers.  I can’t wait to start running a Hackmaster game, and I may already have several interested parties.  Earlier, around Thanksgiving, Kenzerco had a Black Friday sale, offering 50 issues of Knights of the Dinner Table for $50.  I snapped up the deal, and am now actually mostly caught up with the magazine.  I’m still missing a few issues here and there, but for the most part, the entire collection is mine.  It’s hard to believe that the magazine started around 1996-97; I was in high school at that point, and although I can’t remember when I first picked up an issue, the comic/magazine is one of the pillars of my high school roleplaying experience; nobody I knew was like the characters, and yet they were easy to identify with.  Issue 200 is closing in fast, and the magazine is still as great to read as it was in high school.

2013 is going to bring new challenges and tasks, but I’m looking forward to it.  I want to see Greyed Out Productions grow, and I want to take on some challenges for myself as well.


Last night I got a chance to attend an evening Warmachine tournament at Giga-bites, my local store.  The tournament started at 6pm, with 2 35-point lists.  I chose to play Circle, and brought pKrueger and Kromac as my warlocks.


First game: vs. Retribution

The scenario here was with two flags on the table, and my opponent had a lot of high-armor infantry.  I made the mistake of clumping up too much on the left side of my deployment zone, getting in my own way, and hampering my efforts.  Unfortunately, Pow 10 lightning doesn’t do much against ARM 18-20 troops, and  the game ended after an ill-fated assassination attempt with Krueger went awry,  and Vyros took him down.

Result:  Loss


Second Game: vs Khador

Three flags set up along the center line of the table, with one flag disappearing after the first few turns.  My opponent was playing pButcher with WG Rifle Corps, a lot of Widowmakers/snipers(Kell, Eyriss, Widowmaker Marksman).  The list included a Destroyer, Black Ivan, and a mortar as well.

Once again I chose Krueger.  This time it was my opponent who made the mistake of clumping, to some degree.  His deployment zone had a wall very close by, so he chose to move the warjacks and mortar behind the wall, with the WG just to the left, lined up in formation between wall and a forest.  I was able to run my Bloodweavers up to engage the Rifle Corps, keeping them in place while I advanced with other units.  My druids took on the Widomakers, killing a number of snipers over the next few turns, but losing several of their own as well.  I was able to get two objective points, and my opponent left Butcher standing in charge range of a Feral Warpwolf after losing most of the Rifle Corps to Bloodweaver freestrikes and Chain Lightning.  The Feral unfortunately failed to kill a focus-camped Butcher, and died the next turn.  The bombards and mortar took their shots at Krueger, and he survived due to a lot of misses/drifted aoe’s. The Destroyer had moved over the wall in an attempt to block charge lanes to Butcher.

In my last turn, I was able to use the surviving druids to pull the Destroyer out of Krueger’s way.  My Woldwarden moved up to Geomancy Chain Lightning into Butcher, and then Krueger charged for the kill.

Result:  Win, 2 Control Points

Third Game: vs. Cryx

I was facing pAsphyxious, with Soulhunters, Bloodgorgers, and Blood Witches.  I think my mistake here was to try my Kromac list, instead of keeping Krueger and his Chain Lightning.

The scenario called for two zones on the table that were to be controlled for points.  His first turn, my opponent ran everything in his army up the table, and I was left facing an intimidating wall of models to take down/budge from the zones.  I made another mistake in letting the blood witches run to engage my Warpwolves, keeping me from contesting the closest zone through bodies.  My opponent actually won through control points, by literally keeping me out of the zones that had to be contested.  A well-played game, but I think I could have done better.  Lessons learned…

Result: Loss through control points


Fourth Game: vs Trollbloods

I was facing a Madrak brick, and again chose the wrong list I think.  Here I should have stuck with Kromac, and a berserking Stalker would have enormously useful.  Instead I went with Krueger, who had trouble breaking armor.  I ended up getting slowly taken apart piecemeal, and Krueger died a reluctant death after my opponent spent two turns trying to take him down.

Result:  Loss


The game ended a bit after midnight, and I ended up receiving the Circle Faction patch – I was one of two Circle players, and I believe that I had a slightly better record than the other player.  The tournament was a lot of fun, and I’m really looking forward to playing more games and becoming a better player.  Until moving to Atlanta, I had only played casually, and in our meta we have a lot of very, very good players, many of whom regularly attend convention tournaments and take top places.


The faction patch is currently gracing my transport bag:




I think I’ve been bitten by the ork bug.  Again.  For those who might not know, orks are Games Workshop’s big greenskinned baddies, at times silly, crude, clumsy, hysterical, and brutal.  Someone on the Dakkadakka forums posted to see if there was interest in a kustom greenskin dice order from Q Workshop.  The greenskin dice are custom ork dice, with an orc skull on the 6 face and crude slashes on the other sides, counting up.   I looked at pictures, and they are some of the purtiest dice you’ve ever laid eyes on.  Naturally, I want in.  The last several times that kustom orders were placed, there were a ton of different color options; you could get black dice with white marks, green dice with yellow marks, and so on.  They look really, really cool!!  I get excited about stuff like this.  It looks like there is enough interest in an order(about 2K dice have to be ordered to make it worthwhile), so I’m looking out for the thread detailing how/when to order.  Dice cost is apparently somewhere around $1.30/die, which isn’t bad for fully custom dice.  At least, to my limited knowledge it isn’t.

In the meantime, I got bitten by the ork bug.  I have a Warhammer Orcs and Goblins army in Texas, and I’ve always really liked the greenskins.  In Fantasy I prefer goblins, but in Warhammer 40K it’s all about the orks with guns.  Lots and lots of loud, crude firearms in the arms of 7-foot tall green monsters.  I haven’t played Warhammer 40K in about a decade, and have been sitting on a chaos space marine army for ages that I’m trying to trade/sell.  6th edition just came out, so I thought that this year might be the time to start collecting.  So I’m looking to begin an ork army at some point, because I love all the ork miniatures out there.  Playing the game will probably be secondary to just having a huge horde of orks.  I get a lot of enjoyment out of painting miniatures, so it’s something to look forward to.

Orks are a fungus/animal hybrid, and they spread wherever they go.  They’re born with intuitive knowledge of mechanics, firearms, etc.  They’re big, and they keep growing throughout their lives.  Ork nobs are the bigger orks, who’ve been around for a battle or fifty.  As orks age, their green skin also gets darker.  Orks love a good fight, and going fast – a lot of ork hordes(or Waaaghs) consist entirely of orks in trukks or on bikes, traveling as fast as they can from battle to battle.  They’re simplistic, but fun.  From what I’ve read, orks don’t win too many battles on the tabletop, because they’re a complex army to play properly.  That’s alright though – a ton of the ork players I’ve seen online seem to collect orks purely for the fun of modifying and scratchbuilding.  They are some of the most creative modelers out there, and it’s always fun to see what an ork player will come up with next.

As I said, I got bitten by the ork bug.  I channeled some of that energy into a creative endeavor, and made some orc skull print dice bags, both for myself and for my Etsy.  I used a screen printing tutorial I found online, a cheap and easy way of doing it that doesn’t require a ton of money to set up.  I think materials and supplies cost me less than $20 – the most expensive items are the Mod Podge glue and the fabric paint(at about $7.99 each).

Ork skulls are easy to draw – lots of straight choppy lines, and big teeth(teef).  Take a look at the pictures below to see what I came up with, and check them out at Greyed Out, my Etsy shop.



Hi everyone,

I wanted to post and let everyone know that this weekend only(June 16th and 17th), I’ve reduced prices on Greyed Out’s drawstring bags to $16/each. That puts them all at $20 *or less* with shipping. Each drawstring bag is handmade by me, so I know that they’re great quality. I have two designs, the standard dice bag and the freestanding bag, which has a 4″ square bottom and stands open on the tabletop for really easy access to your dice.

Check them out at Greyed Out and take a look below:

Gunmetal Gray Suede

Hobbit Brown Suede

Freestanding Suede Bag

Reversible Design Bag

Reversible Bag Closed

More specifically, it’s a utilikilt. It’s comfortable, rugged, and lets me carry lots of things in the pockets. Calling it a “skirt” just makes you look uneducated, and when you do it in a way that’s supposed to sound insulting, it just makes me laugh. This is directed at all the dudes in big trucks out there, who like to call out “Nice skirt!” at me while you roll by in your too-big, gas-guzzling monster vehicle. If you think calling it a skirt is going to insult me or belittle me in any way, try again. All the compliments I get every time I’m out and about far outweigh the occasional jerk like you who has to prove how manly he is by insulting somebody else.
Here’s an idea: why not try to expand your horizons and try a kilt on for yourself? Utilikilts makes several different models, and they’re all awesome. I wear a Workman’s, which is great because like I said before, it’s rugged and has tons of pocket space.

I love my Utilikilt. I plan to get more at some point. They’re that comfortable, and truly worth the price. Check out the Utilikilts store here.

We’ve successfully moved into the new apartment, and the old place is no more.  Keys are handed in, and we are starting to unwind from what seemed like an eternity of moving boxes from one apartment to the next.  We own a lot of books, because we’re both literature-loving nerds, so there was a lot of heavy lifting involved.

The cats like the new place, and I think they’re still exploring and getting used to being in new spaces.  We’ve got almost everything set up the way we want it, except for a few things here and there.  The living room seems empty, but that’s because it’s hardwood floor, with a lot of space in the middle that’s begging to be filled with a rug when we can afford to pick one up.

I set up my desk today, which means that in the next few days I’ll be back to sketching and painting and working on dice bags.  I got supplies to start screen printing them, although I couldn’t find the right ink at Hobby Lobby, and will have to make a return trip for that.  To crowd source just a bit – do any of my readers have Photoshop skills?  I have a logo that I need modified just a little so that I can screen print it effectively, but I personally don’t have a copy of Photoshop.  It would probably take about 5 minutes of work for someone who knows what they are doing.

The plan right now is to start making dice bags with various roleplaying game related sayings on them, and I’ve posted on Reddit and gotten some great ideas for quotes.  Things like “Bag of Holding”, “Die Orc”, “May all your hits be crits”, and so on will soon be making an appearance on my dice bags.  If anyone has any other suggestions, I’d love to hear them – they just have to fit on a 6″x7″ dice bag.  I could probably do custom bags as well, which would be a great option for birthday gifts.  Imagine a friend’s face as he opens his gift and finds a handmade dice bag custom printed with an in-joke specific to your group.


Odd really likes jumping on our big mirror.


The mirror stands roughly 6 feet tall, and he can leap up to the top from the ground with no problem.  The lack of front claws doesn’t seem to be an issue for him.  I’m against declawing cats, because it’s much like having the first joint of each of your fingers removed, but I’m glad that we were able to rescue Odd and give him a good home.  He and our other cat, Bela Lugosi, are slowly starting to get along.  Now if only they’d stop initiating chases with each other at 6am…

We’ve raised $75 out of $700 in our ChipIn, which is just above 10%.  If everyone could spread the word, it would be awesome – share on Facebook, Twitter, ask your aunt, etc.  I’ll post the link to the ChipIn page again at the bottom of this picture.  I’ve been considering perhaps doing a small giveaway with donations – perhaps a dice bag if you donate $20 or more?  What’s everyone think?




The ChipIn page for our pet deposit can be found here:


Again, thanks to everyone who shares the post, spreads the word, and is able to give a bit here or there.  We love our cats, and they’re a blast to watch.





We adopted a cat a week ago, and named him Odd.  Odd is a Maine Coon/Norwegian mix, and is just over a year old.  We found him at a shelter, where he was staying in a small cage surrounded by lots of other cats.  His previous owners had had him declawed, and when they got tired of him, they took him to a vet and told them to put him down.  A simple as that.

“We don’t want this living creature anymore, so please kill him for us.”

We found him and brought him home, and he and our other Maine Coon, a black cat named Bela Lugosi, are just now starting to get along.  Odd likes to crawl under the comforter and sleep there during the day.  He jumps on tall things, and look out over the room.  He bats you, hard, with his little paws when he’s playing, or when he wants you to leave him alone.  He also loves getting snuggled, and will shove his head into your hand so you can scratch his head.

This is Odd.

We are moving apartments at the end of this month.  Our apartment complex is great, but they do require a pet deposit.  We just didn’t know that it would be $300 per cat.  That kind of money isn’t easy to come up with, so I wanted to start a ChipIn fundraiser to help out a little bit.  I set the goal at $700, because we also want to see about getting Odd and Bela a cat carrier and a climbing tree.

The ChipIn page can be found here:

Any help would be incredible, and much appreciated.  Our two cats are definitely our babies, and the last thing we want to do is give them away.  Please feel free to share this post if possible.  Thank you.



A gallimaufry is defined as: a hodgepodge, jumble, or confused medley.

Today’s post will be somewhat like that, because I have no idea what I’ll be talking about.  It’s dark, and late, and my wife is working for another few hours.  I find that on days where she works the closing shift I always get somewhat morose and depressed after dark.  It doesn’t help that it gets dark at 5:30.
I’ve been working on more dice bags for my store.  This is a new design, made so that it stands up on the gaming table.  The bottom is a square or circle, which lets the bag stand on its own and means that it’s easy to reach in and grab the dice that you want, instead of having to fumble or spread your dice across the table. I really like this design, and the way the bags are made also makes them reversible, which means I can use two really cool but different fabrics to make them, and the buyer can simply turn whichever fabric he or she likes to the outside.  I’ll put up some pictures at the bottom of the post.
Speaking of store, Christmas is coming up and that means that Greyed Out is having a holiday sale.  Using the code HOLIDAYS15 will get you 15% off on your order.  I’m not sure what the shipping deadlines for Christmas are, but I’m happy to work with buyers to do a faster shipping method than my usual USPS Priority mail .
I haven’t been drawing much lately, and I regret that – I really should be drawing daily to improve.  I’ve heard that James Gurney, who writes and illustrates the Dinotopia books, sketches everywhere and almost any subject.  Which, to be honest, is a wonderful way to improve and keep up your skills.  He uses a large Moleskine Watercolour notebook, which is a great size for on-the-go sketching.  I’ve never used the Watercolour notebooks; I prefer the large Moleskine Sketchbook, but at some point I’d love to try out the Watercolour.
Unfortunately, I’ve come to the end of my current Moleskine – it has a single page left, at the very back next to the pocket.  I can’t afford to get a new one right now, but I think it will be on my Christmas list. They’re only $13 from the Book Depository website with free shipping, which is a great value.  I really like the large sketchbook Moleskine for doodling in, because it holds ink really well, and I also use it for journaling.  The 100 pages are enough to last almost a year, and the one I’ve just finished will be my third one done.
Kathryn and I picked up a small Christmas tree at Hobby Lobby the other day – it’s pretty cute, and stands only about three and a half feet tall.  It’s sitting next to the television.  Her mom is coming down to visit for Christmas, which is exciting – we don’t get to see her very much anymore due to her new job in San Francisco.
Gallimaufry!  I’m willing to try my hand at portraits and illustrations for a bit of extra Christmas cash.  I can do pets, people, Dungeons and Dragons character, whatever.  I can either create the art and then have it scanned, and email the finished jpeg, or I can ship out the original.  I don’t mind doing either.  Each illustration can be done in watercolor, acrylic paints, colored pencil, or black and white with regular pencils.  The largest I can do is 11″x14″.  They would be $40 each, $45 if you’d like the original shipped to you.  Contact me at greylikestorms(at)gmail(dot)com to discuss your preferences.
On to the pictures.  These are available in my Etsy store,

I was lucky enough to get hit with my twice-yearly cold/allergy thing a few days ago, so I’m not feeling particularly hot right now.  The past two days have been filled with lots of watery eyes, a runny nose, and general misery.  Today is better in that my nose and eyes aren’t watering, though now I’m in the coughing lots and lots stage.  That’s pretty much what I’ve been up to recently.  The weather has been weird; we’ve had weeks of highs in the 60’s, and suddenly we’re back at 75.  The end of this week we’re expecting temps in the 50’s during the day again and lows of mid-30’s at night.  Crazy.

My wife had her tests for gluten intolerance, so we’re going back to being primal, and I’m thrilled about it.  I’ve noticed a definite change between eating normally and eating primally.  Being primal really cuts down on hunger pangs, and I can eat a few almonds in the morning for breakfast, have a small salad for lunch, and be ready to have a big meal by dinner time.  On a conventional diet, I wake up starving, and have to eat far more often.  I also noticed the change in energy levels – while primal, I’m full of energy all day long, which is great.

We grabbed a 10-pound turkey for Thanksgiving, which I’m excited about – I’m used to working on Thanksgiving, thanks to my family’s restaurant, so it’s always nice to get a chance to enjoy the holiday and do actual holiday things instead of working in an industrial kitchen all day long.


Art-wise, I did the doodle below in my Moleskine.  I’m happy with it, and Kathryn says it looks very Dr. Seuss-like.  I may do a few for my Etsy.  Speaking of which, I haven’t had any sales lately, but I’d love to be able to ship out a few items for Christmas gifts – if you’re looking for gifts for that special someone, head over to and take a look.  I think all of my items are priced fairly, and within anyone’s budget.