Greyed Out Miniature Painting Commissions

Most of my painting experience is in Warmachine and Hordes, although I have painted Games Workshop miniatures in the past and am currently working on a Horus Heresy-era Alpha Legion army.

Miniature painting commission pricing will depend on complexity of the models, number of models, and a number of other factors.  Pricing will be higher if the miniatures need assembly, cleaning, etc.


In general, prices are about:

Infantry squads(1o miniatures): $85

Elite Squads(Terminators, etc): $110/10

Warjacks/Dreadnoughts:  $40

Colossals: $120

Large Tanks(Sicarans, Land Raiders, etc):  $100

Character units(Black 13th Gun Mages, Great Bears, etc): $25/model


I don’t have painting levels: I paint to the best of my ability on any and all models.

To discuss potential commissions, please email me at:



Some examples of my work:












Karchev the Terrible

Khador Berserker

Khador Spriggan

Greylord Ternion

Gnarlhorn Satyr and Kaya the Wildborne

Druids of Orboros

Brine, Minion Warbeast

Khador Doomreaver


Ork Warboss and Shoota Boyz

Ork Bad Moons Warboss



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