Greyed Out Dice Bags

Greyed Out Dice Bags are high quality handmade dice bags, sewn to last, with a double drawstring to ensure that your dice stay safe when you’re not using them. I make all dice bags myself, and will ship 3-4 days after receiving your order.

Greyed Out produces two types of dice bag – the “standard” design, measuring 6″x7″, that lays flat on the table when empty. The other type is the “freestanding” dice bag, which has a 4″ square bottom, stands roughly 4.5″ tall when open, and keeps your dice easily accessible on the table without needing to spill them from the dice bag.

A huge selection of Greyed Out dice bags can be found on Etsy, through the Greyed Out Shop. If you prefer to purchase a Greyed Out dice bag without signing up for an Etsy account, you can order by emailing with the dice bag you’d like to order and your shipping address. I will send out a Paypal invoice to that email address within 24 hours of receiving your email, and am happy to ship internationally.

Dice Bag Prices and Shipping: Greyed Out dice bags are priced at $17 each, with $3.50 shipping per dice bag for US orders, and $4.00 shipping for International orders. Additional dice bags are $2.00 and $2.50 each to ship, respectively. For example, a US order of two dice bags would be $3.50 + $2.00 = $5.50 in shipping. Certain dice bags are priced slightly lower, and you may check Greyed Out on Etsy to confirm prices.

Fabrics: I use several different fabrics to make my dice bags. Most dice bags are lined in unbleached 100% cotton, unless otherwise specified. I use a number of colors of suede, usually microsuede or polysuede. Other dice bags are made from cottons in a number of colors and prints. The screen printed dice bags are done in cotton or a durable cotton canvas. The suede fabrics do not screen print well.

Examples of Greyed Out Dice Bags in Suede:

Greyed Out Dice Bag in Inquisition Red Suede

Greyed Out Dice Bag in Ranger Green Suede

Greyed Out Dice Bag, Ranger Green Suede with a Grey Spiral Print lining

Standard Dice Bag in Hobbit Brown Suede

Standard Dice Bag in Inquisition Red Suede

Examples of Screen Printed Dice Bags:

Greyed Out Dice Bag with a Chaos Star

Greyed Out Dice Bag with Wolf’s Head

Greyed Out Dice Bag with Orc Skull Icon

Greyed Out Dice Bag in Red Cotton Canvas with Orc Skull

Greyed Out Dice Bag with Star

Examples of Reversible Dice Bags:


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