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Last night I got a chance to attend an evening Warmachine tournament at Giga-bites, my local store.  The tournament started at 6pm, with 2 35-point lists.  I chose to play Circle, and brought pKrueger and Kromac as my warlocks.


First game: vs. Retribution

The scenario here was with two flags on the table, and my opponent had a lot of high-armor infantry.  I made the mistake of clumping up too much on the left side of my deployment zone, getting in my own way, and hampering my efforts.  Unfortunately, Pow 10 lightning doesn’t do much against ARM 18-20 troops, and  the game ended after an ill-fated assassination attempt with Krueger went awry,  and Vyros took him down.

Result:  Loss


Second Game: vs Khador

Three flags set up along the center line of the table, with one flag disappearing after the first few turns.  My opponent was playing pButcher with WG Rifle Corps, a lot of Widowmakers/snipers(Kell, Eyriss, Widowmaker Marksman).  The list included a Destroyer, Black Ivan, and a mortar as well.

Once again I chose Krueger.  This time it was my opponent who made the mistake of clumping, to some degree.  His deployment zone had a wall very close by, so he chose to move the warjacks and mortar behind the wall, with the WG just to the left, lined up in formation between wall and a forest.  I was able to run my Bloodweavers up to engage the Rifle Corps, keeping them in place while I advanced with other units.  My druids took on the Widomakers, killing a number of snipers over the next few turns, but losing several of their own as well.  I was able to get two objective points, and my opponent left Butcher standing in charge range of a Feral Warpwolf after losing most of the Rifle Corps to Bloodweaver freestrikes and Chain Lightning.  The Feral unfortunately failed to kill a focus-camped Butcher, and died the next turn.  The bombards and mortar took their shots at Krueger, and he survived due to a lot of misses/drifted aoe’s. The Destroyer had moved over the wall in an attempt to block charge lanes to Butcher.

In my last turn, I was able to use the surviving druids to pull the Destroyer out of Krueger’s way.  My Woldwarden moved up to Geomancy Chain Lightning into Butcher, and then Krueger charged for the kill.

Result:  Win, 2 Control Points

Third Game: vs. Cryx

I was facing pAsphyxious, with Soulhunters, Bloodgorgers, and Blood Witches.  I think my mistake here was to try my Kromac list, instead of keeping Krueger and his Chain Lightning.

The scenario called for two zones on the table that were to be controlled for points.  His first turn, my opponent ran everything in his army up the table, and I was left facing an intimidating wall of models to take down/budge from the zones.  I made another mistake in letting the blood witches run to engage my Warpwolves, keeping me from contesting the closest zone through bodies.  My opponent actually won through control points, by literally keeping me out of the zones that had to be contested.  A well-played game, but I think I could have done better.  Lessons learned…

Result: Loss through control points


Fourth Game: vs Trollbloods

I was facing a Madrak brick, and again chose the wrong list I think.  Here I should have stuck with Kromac, and a berserking Stalker would have enormously useful.  Instead I went with Krueger, who had trouble breaking armor.  I ended up getting slowly taken apart piecemeal, and Krueger died a reluctant death after my opponent spent two turns trying to take him down.

Result:  Loss


The game ended a bit after midnight, and I ended up receiving the Circle Faction patch – I was one of two Circle players, and I believe that I had a slightly better record than the other player.  The tournament was a lot of fun, and I’m really looking forward to playing more games and becoming a better player.  Until moving to Atlanta, I had only played casually, and in our meta we have a lot of very, very good players, many of whom regularly attend convention tournaments and take top places.


The faction patch is currently gracing my transport bag:





Chaos Star Dice Bag by Greyed Out

The dice bag is lined in black fabric.


I’ve been working on ideas for new dice bags, and ended up with something that I think a lot of Warhammer 40,000 players will really like, especially with the recent release of the 6th edition Chaos Codex and the newer miniatures for Chaos Space Marines.

The dice bag is sewn from black cotton canvas, with a yellow chaos star screen printed on it.  It’s also lined in black fabric, so the only colors on the bag are the star and the dark brown drawstring.  You can find the dice bag listed at Greyed Out.

I’ve also been working on a Warpwolf Stalker for my Circle Orboros; I think he’ll be getting a mohawk modeled on him, and I’ll try to post some pictures of that. I’ve updated my Miniature Painting Commissions page a bit as well. My rate is $8/hour, which includes assembly, pinning, etc. I will probably cap certain projects after a certain time period, meaning that while I quote $8/hour, I would only charge for 7 hours of work for say, an infantry squad. The cap option comes into play when painting entire armies, where a discount for volume might be really appropriate.