Hey everyone,


It’s finally starting to feel like fall outside.  The air is starting to smell crisp, trees are beginning to change colors, and the nights are cool now.  In order to celebrate that, I wanted to have a fall sale at Greyed Out.

From now until the end of October, you can get free shipping using the coupon code FREESHIP or 25% off your order using the code FALLBASH.


I believe I mentioned it in my previous post, but I do think that everyone who has a dice collection should have an awesome dice bag to carry them in.  It’s simple and easy to get a mass-produced dice bag when you’re first starting out in your Dungeons and Dragons adventures, but why settle for that?  Greyed Out has a great selection of dice bags available, and while I do sell the same design multiple times, the chances of running into another person with the exact same dice bag are slim.  Get something cool and unique and give your dice a happy home.

You can find Greyed Out on Etsy at: greyedout.etsy.com


A few examples of my dice bags:







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