Waaagh is coming.

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The hulk had crashed into the foothills bordering the northern mountain range, carving a huge swath of pine forest into kindling on the way to its final resting place amidst the shale and granite outcroppings that eventually rose to form an ancient barrier on the continent’s northwestern edge.  Sporadic fires lit the night as spilled fuel continued to burn.  The flames gave enough light to show dozens of hulking figures scrambling over the wrecked ship, accompanied by the sounds of groaning metal as sheets of plating were ripped off the structure.  Smaller shapes hurried through the crash site, picking over debris and gathering scraps and pieces into haphazard piles.  Snow fell in lazy spirals.


Uzdreg watched, arms crossed.  The nobz behind him were silent, for once.  The crash hadn’t been in the plan.  Not this time.  The mekboyz weren’t sure yet what had gone wrong, and the replacement mekboy was still figuring things out after his superior had Uzdreg’s choppa buried in his skull.  At least a lot of the boyz had made it out, and Uzdreg reckoned that he had enough krump with him to start a decent brawl if he wanted to.  He’d already told some of the ladz to go lookin’.  Gretchin workers were busy chopping trees and starting a watch tower, but Uzdreg was ready to bash more heads, and a fight was all he wanted.


The (old) plan had been to find a good humie world, start bashin’, and see how much fightin’ and killin’ the ladz could get done before the uniforms and the tanks showed up.  After that, the real brawl would get started, and then Uzdreg would have his day.  The (new) plan was a lot like the old one.  Except they had to find some humies, first.  And get more ladz.  That might take a while; the hulk had scattered ork corpses across the expanse of forest that lined this part of whatever world this was.  Enough had made it out alive to start some good fightin’, but it wasn’t enough numbers yet.  Uzdreg couldn’t count very high, but he knew that instinctively.


Everyone could tell that Uzdreg was in a bad mood.  He didn’t like when the plan went wrong, and this one couldn’t have gone wronger.  After he finished his rage and bashed some heads in, he’d gone all quiet, and that was when the nobz got worried.  Uzdreg was never quiet, and when he was, bad things happened.  The night passed slowly, and the work progressed.  The boss didn’t move, so neither did his retinue.  They watched in silence as the tower went up, and anything and everything useful was stripped from the wreckage of the space hulk.


An engine backfired, and the one working trukk the boyz had tore forward through the trampled snow and mud.  The chains attached to its bumper went taut, and ever so slowly the shape of a deff dread emerged from the side of the hulk.  One of the walker’s legs was missing, and the mekboy that followed it outside had the appendage clamped in the robotic arm that emerged from the contraption strapped to his back.


Shouts and hollers erupted from the forest as dawn broke over the crash site, and a crew of shoota boys trampled their way through to Uzdreg.  “Boss, we got some good news.  You’re gonna like this,” the biggest of them growled, and raised a muscled arm.  Clenched in his bloody fist, held by the hair, was a human head.  “We had some bashin’ to do, and there’s gonna be lots more of it!”


Uzdreg just grinned.

  1. Good story, is that your image?

    • It’s not, I found it on Deviantart and simply added the “Waaagh is Coming” text. Thanks for asking, I need to put a “credit goes to” note in future posts. I think I googled “ork warboss” or something similar to find it.

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