Alive, he’s alive! (An Update Post!)

Posted: June 14, 2012 in Uncategorized
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It’s been forever since I’ve updated.  Life getting busy can do that, I suppose.  I’ve also been trying to stay off the computer from 7pm on, to unwind and de-stress myself a little bit.  It’s actually really nice to put away the technology and not worry about email, Facebook, Google+, Reddit, and so on and so on in the evenings.  I highly recommend it to everyone.

I recently acquired some new business cards, courtesy of Vistaprint – I took advantage of an offer on their site and got 250 business cards for $10.  Not bad at all.  I’m happy that I have something to hand out to people, and also that I’ll be able to include them in orders from my Etsy shop.

I’ve also been sketching again, just doing some random practice with faces and such.  I like how that’s turning out, and it’s making me happy to break out the pencils again.  Here are some examples:

Still a long way to go, obviously.  But it’s a start.  I recently caught a blog post by Terese Nielson on the Muddy Colors blog about doing portraits in an interesting way that I want to try out as well…

In the shop I’ve added a bunch of new dice bags, so be sure to check that out.

Freestanding Drawstring Bag in Gunmetal Gray Suede

Freestanding Drawstring Bag in Hobbit Brown Suede

Freestanding Drawstring Bag in Ranger Green Suede

Drawstring Bag in Ranger Green

I’m really happy with how these are turning out.  The suede is a lovely material to work with, and the bags look great when they’re done.

I’ve also put up some ads on and Tabletop Gaming News, so keep an eye out for my ad banners on those sites.  I’m definitely noticing an increase in traffic, which is great.

Design-wise, I want to make a few dice bags with snap hooks attached, so that you can latch them onto your belt loops, backpacks, and so on.  I think that might be kind of a cool idea.  Thoughts?

I’m still slowly writing Airships of Marrakesh… very slowly.  Again, life has been busy, and I’ve been focused on marketing my Etsy shop where I can.  But it’s all good.


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