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Posted: May 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s been a while since I last posted, and today I wanted to take a few minutes and show the reason for that.  I’ve been working on a big dice bag order, and since I make all the dice bags I sell, it takes some time to process large orders.  In this case, it’s an order for 48 dice bags, two dozen of my standard design and two dozen of the “freestanding” design – this is the design that’s reversible if you choose to switch your bag around.  With these dice bags, made in suede and lined in cotton, it’s not as neat-looking as the bags sewn from various prints.  Probably best to keep the suede on the outside.  These are going to Artisan Dice in Texas, who I’ve mentioned here on the blog before.


A pile of the freestanding dice bags.  The one in front is getting the lining sewn in, hence the pins.  After this step, all the bags still need the drawstrings run through them.



What my desk looks like right now.  I think there are currently about 16 of those bags piled up, ready to be drawstring-ed.



Here is most of the other half of the order – the standard bags in gunmetal gray.  I’ve decided to name the colors, and now we have choices of hobbit brown, gunmetal gray, and ranger green.

In addition to working on the order, I’ve also been looking at places to advertise, to bring a bit more traffic to the shop.  I’ve put up an ad on, and will be looking to advertise on Tabletop Gaming News as well.


Some linkage:


My Etsy shop can be found here: Greyed Out

Check out my favorite garment, the Utilikilt, here: Utilikilts


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