Utilikilts – They’re Awesome

Posted: May 23, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I’ve owned a utilikilt for over a year now, and have been wearing it proudly as often as possible.  I have the Workman’s model, and it’s great.  Lots of pocket space, comfortable, easy to clean, rugged, pretty much everything you could want in a piece of clothing.  They’re a bit pricey, but definitely worth it for something that won’t fall apart on you after half a year of hard wear.
I’m a member of the Utilikilts Evangelist program, which basically means that I get a small commission when someone visits the Utilikilts website using my link and then ends up buying a kilt.  My unique link is  here

I signed up for the program because I think that they make an awesome product, and every guy should get a chance to try on a kilt at some point.  It really does change your whole perspective on wearing pants.  I get lots of comments about my utilikilt, and I’m always happy to talk to people about it.  For me, the main selling point is that it’s a) ridiculously comfortable and b) has lots of pocket space.  I really hate having stuff in my pockets, so big pockets mean I can carry more stuff without awkwardness.  If someone ends up buying a kilt using my link, then that’s totally awesome.  But more than anything I’d love for people to just check out the site and see what’s out there.  Like I said, they do make some really cool kilts.  And if you’re in one of the cities with a Utilikilts retail store, check it out!  On one last note, be sure to measure carefully when you order – it’s not only the ladies’ fashion industry that lies about sizes.  Get a tape measure and a friend to make sure you’re getting a kilt that fits you perfectly.

  1. kiltinista says:

    I have two Utilikilts (four years) and you are correct.
    They are awesome and they are also very recognized!
    I’ve walked through the airport and it is recognized just in passing.
    Same happened at a jazz fetival in Vermont.
    Walk by recognition.
    Nice Utilikilt.
    To wear a kilt is to know what William Wallace was talking about when he gave the “Freedom” speech!
    Keep it under your kilt my Kiltedgerman friend!

  2. kiltinista says:

    Tartans get a lot of comment also. I have 5 tartans. 2 utilikilts. 1 Amerikilt & 1 UT kilt (utilikilt knockoff from the great Salt Lake, UT).
    They all serve their purpose and they are all cool.
    Keep it under your kilt my brother!

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