Dice Bags in Progress

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Quick progress post on what I’m currently working on.  I’m doing a big order of dice bags, and today I cut fabric for a few hours, to save time later.  I cut all the pieces at once, to keep from having to do so later.  It’ll be 48 dice bags in total, and this is just the first half of the project.


Tonight I’m also planning on getting some more written for Airships of Marrakesh; I may go back to the old schedule of 1,000 words every few days, because that seems to motivate me more than 4,000 words every four days.  So we’ll see.  Either way, I know I’m behind on my updates, and I apologize.  There is more steampunk airship action to come soon, I promise!


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