I know that technically Mordor is in the providence of The Lord of the Rings, but my earlier post on mapping Mirkwood follows the same title format.  So I stuck with it.


I’ve always wondered what produced the almost square mountain ranges that encompass most of Mordor; it’s a land that’s almost instantly recognizable on a map if you’re a fan of any fantasy whatsoever.  I haven’t yet read any of the massive history tomes that Tolkien wrote, I’ve only made it through the Lord of the Rings three or four times so far.  But it’s a great land to look at.

I know that in my cartography I’m not really breaking any new ground, but nonetheless I really like mapping out these places and seeing every little detail.  Mordor doesn’t have nearly as many as the Wilderland map I’ve done, but still… all those mountains.  Man.  I had fun with this one because I used watercolors to add some extra shading/color to the mountains; in plain ink they looked a bit boring.

Enough blabber! Here are the pictures:


I’m also working on a few sketches that involve Edward Gorey-esque children – I’m getting the occasional search on the blog for “Edward Gorey children”, so I thought it appropriate to do some art that’s relevant to that, so as not to disappoint searchers.


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