Dear World; it’s a Kilt.

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Uncategorized
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More specifically, it’s a utilikilt. It’s comfortable, rugged, and lets me carry lots of things in the pockets. Calling it a “skirt” just makes you look uneducated, and when you do it in a way that’s supposed to sound insulting, it just makes me laugh. This is directed at all the dudes in big trucks out there, who like to call out “Nice skirt!” at me while you roll by in your too-big, gas-guzzling monster vehicle. If you think calling it a skirt is going to insult me or belittle me in any way, try again. All the compliments I get every time I’m out and about far outweigh the occasional jerk like you who has to prove how manly he is by insulting somebody else.
Here’s an idea: why not try to expand your horizons and try a kilt on for yourself? Utilikilts makes several different models, and they’re all awesome. I wear a Workman’s, which is great because like I said before, it’s rugged and has tons of pocket space.

I love my Utilikilt. I plan to get more at some point. They’re that comfortable, and truly worth the price. Check out the Utilikilts store here.

  1. seitan666 says:

    I mean, technically, it is a skirt by definition in the purest form. A Kilt is the KIND of skirt it is.
    And I feel that you are kind of promoting that skirts on men ARE offensive (if they are not kilts.)

    But at any rate, kilts rule. Hell, SKIRTS rule on everyone, no matter gender. So rock on! Keep on rockin the look.

    • Skirts and kilts are both awesome! I have no problem with skirts at all, and didn’t mean to imply that skirts on men are offensive – what’s offensive to me are the guys yelling “nice skirt” in hopes of insulting me. Thanks for commenting!

  2. llanwyre says:

    As a woman who can’t stand wearing skirts, I’m honestly not sure I see the appeal of the kilt, but if you love it, go for it! I know lots of guys who swear by their utilikilts. Who cares what random dudes in big trucks think?

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