I’m going to be open for commissions again, starting today.  I paint miniatures, as well as sew.  For miniatures, I’ve been working on Privateer Press armies for the past few years, but also have experience doing Games Workshop miniatures.

Infantry squads are $35-$45 for 10 troopers

Warjacks and warbeasts are $25

Warcasters and warlocks are $25

Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 have similar pricing structures, varying on a unit-by-unit basis (Ogre Warriors vs. goblins vs. Tyranid Warriors, for example).

I can be reached via email at greylikestorms(at)gmail(dot)com, please feel free to email me to discuss commissions.  I’m also open to discounts for entire army commissions.


Some examples of recent work:




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