I’m a little behind on posting these here, I think.  I’m on 12/365 in my daily 365 Sketch Project.  No failures so far.


You can follow my Tumblr for daily updates – it’s a little easier for me to post the sketches there instead of here.  thekiltedgerman.tumblr.com is the address.  Thanks for reading!


  1. Artificer says:

    I really like your 365 Sketch Project! I have been entertaining an idea to do the same daily project, but in writing. I really admire your ability to share your drawings.

    • Thanks! Part of the reason I’m doing it is to get at least one sketch done every day, because I want to improve my artistic skills. I think that on days where I’m not feeling very artsy, you’ll probably see guys in suits and waistcoats, because that’s my “fall back” sketch. So far I’m doing well, with 12 of 12 days done and sketched. You should go for a writing 365 Project – even if it’s only 500 words per day or whatever. I think the only way to improve is to do a thing as often as possible.

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