…of 2011, that is.  With Thanksgiving over, the end of the year is fast approaching, and that means all the hectic adventures of the holiday season are upon us, including implement weather, crazy holiday shoppers, worry about organizing Christmas for the family, and where to find that perfect chai latte to warm you up when it’s freezing outside.

Our Thanksgiving ended up being pretty wonderful; it was just the two of us celebrating at home, with very little fuss.  We watched old tv shows all day, and cooked our dinner together.  Our fridge is packed with leftovers.  We had a fairly primal/paleo feast – turkey, turnip and sausage “stuffing”, and some au gratin potatoes and pumpkin pie.  The only thing that wasn’t perfectly paleo were the potatoes, because of the cream of mushroom soup that goes in to them.  Aside from that it was a wonderful example of how paleo can be done even on a busy holiday with little effort.

Now the month of November is trickling to a close, and December is coming up fast.  We’ve been lucky enough not to need the heat yet, and while it’s cold during the day, it’s still possible to throw on a sweater and keep warm.  Last winter we experience snow and ice, which kept us stuck in the apartment for several days.  Our complex sits in a depression on a hilly, curvy road – that means that when there’s ice on the road, it’s impossible to get out of the apartment because our car can’t make it up the hill.  I’m hoping that we avoid that this year.  A little snow would be nice, but Atlanta isn’t equipped to deal with it, which means that the city literally shuts down.  I’ve heard that there have been multiple instances of ice over the past few years, which seems to me to be a good reason to invest in more snowplows, but the city government doesn’t see it that way.

I haven’t been adding many new items to my shop recently, but I did get a few new things listed just today.  first up is a 1-Up Mushroom, painted in acrylic on illustration board.  I’m really happy with how it turned out, since I took a looser approach to painting it and didn’t worry too much about the paint getting thick and textured.  I think it adds to the final piece.  It’s currently listed in my shop for $45.


The next item is a Christmas-themed drawstring bag.  I really like the fabric that I used for it – it’s a beautiful green with a flower pattern on it.  It’s lined in black fabric, and sewn in red thread.  It would be perfect as a gift bag for smaller Christmas gifts – like chocolate coins, or butterscotch candies perhaps.

Speaking of drawstring bags, I recently dropped the price on my bags to $15 plus shipping.  They make great gifts for the gamers in your life.  That means that the Christmas-themed bag is also $15.

I’ve also got a holiday sale going on, if you use the code HOLIDAYS15 you can get 15% off your order.  It’d be the perfect time to shop for Christmas gifts for loved ones.



  1. Shelley says:

    It sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving, for us, it was just 3 of us, myself, husband & son, but we had a nice day together. The year certainly is passing by quickly & we’ve already had some cold weather. It does seem to be “the beginning of the end.”
    The mushroom painting is great & the bag adorable, they would make nice gifts!

    • Thanks! Yes, it’s been colder here at night, but the days are still in the high 50’s and 60’s. Makes it bearable to be outside when you need to be. As much as I love winter and colder weather, there is such a thing as too cold. 🙂

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