Hi Guys!Welcome to the blog!


Welcome to the blog!

A big welcome to any readers that may have arrived here via the Handmade blog!  I did a few sketches to say hi…

I’m feeling better than I was at the beginning of the week, though my nose is still stuffed up.  Thankfully the runny, watery eyes have stopped; that’s always the worst part of my being sick.  I ended up taking a day where I basically slept all day, and that probably helped quite a bit.

Etsy-wise, I’m trying to gear up for the holidays, but it’s difficult to come up with great holiday items when you’re on a shoestring budget of almost $0.  I’m going to be sewing some gift bags out of a great green fabric that I have, and probably will also try for some Christmas themed illustrations.

I’ve been feeling nostalgic the past week or so, thinking back on the days when I used to collect Knights of the Dinner Table magazine.  For those who have never heard of it, it’s a comic strip that was created by Jolly Blackburn way back in about 1990 or so, as filler for his small magazine Shadis.  The strip is about a group of role-players called the Knights of the Dinner Table; B.A, their gamemaster, along with Bob and Dave, Sarah, and Brian.  If you’ve ever played Dungeons and Dragons, then this comic is for you.  The group gets into all sorts of trouble, and usually drives B.A. crazy with their in-party bickering, rules lawyering, and min-maxing of rules.  I think they are currently on issue #180.  I have most of the comic’s run from roughly #27-#107.  I stopped collecting several years ago because I couldn’t find a reliable comic shop to get it at, and because at the time I was moving too much to get a subscription(back and forth between south Texas and Canyon, and so on).

That means I’m only about 70 issues behind… no big deal, right?  Thankfully, the company that makes the magazine, Kenzerco, has a Special Collection offer where you can get issues 101-124 for $40, including shipping.  Incredible deal, and as poor as I am, it will definitely go on my Christmas wish list.  If any kind soul out there wants to be an angel, the link to the collection is here, and you can email me or comment for my address:  http://www.kenzerco.com/product_info.php?cPath=22_23_55&products_id=704     (It never hurts to ask nicely, right?)

To get a taste of the Knights, you can also check out the webstrips here:  http://www.kenzerco.com/Operiodicals/kodt/kodt%20webstrips/phpslideshow.php?directory=.&currentPic=4    ….That’s an awfully long link.  If it doesn’t work, http://www.kenzerco.com is the main website, and the webstrips are findable through it as well.

Thinking back fondly on Knights of the Dinner Table has me thinking about drawing some roleplayer-related comics.  I’ve been gaming since high school, so I have plenty of inspiration to draw from, and I think it might be fun to experiment a bit and see what comes out of my head.

Kenzerco as a company also does a lot of RPG’s, including a western-themed on called Aces and Eights.  I own the main rulebook, and lately I’ve been wanting to read through it again and explore the wild west in an alternate history setting.  In A&E(ights), the United States is broken into several different countries, with a large part of the Northwest still being US Territories.  The RPG, while it does have a section on combat, also goes into incredible detail on day-to-day activities like cattle ranching, surveying and prospecting for gold, and things like cattle drives.  It’s one of the things I like best about the game – it doesn’t force you to stick to standard adventures, and actually encourages you to do things like buy land, start a business, and so on.  It’s really pretty brilliant.

Tonight is scheduled to be cold, so our windows will stay closed tonight and our blankets piled high.  The low last night was 30*, which I very much consider to be winter weather.  Thankfully during the day it still gets reasonable, and we don’t yet have daytime temps in the 30’s or 40’s.  Soon we’ll need to turn the heating on, which I’m hoping to avoid as long as possible to keep the electric bill down.  We’ve been lucky this fall, in that for the past few months we’ve had both heating and air conditioning off completely.

Speaking of winter nights, it’s almost bed time for me, so I’ll wrap this up here.  Again, welcome to all the new readers!  Hopefully you’ll find something you like.  Please do feel free to leave a comment and say hello.


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