Sick as a Dog.

Posted: November 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I was lucky enough to get hit with my twice-yearly cold/allergy thing a few days ago, so I’m not feeling particularly hot right now.  The past two days have been filled with lots of watery eyes, a runny nose, and general misery.  Today is better in that my nose and eyes aren’t watering, though now I’m in the coughing lots and lots stage.  That’s pretty much what I’ve been up to recently.  The weather has been weird; we’ve had weeks of highs in the 60’s, and suddenly we’re back at 75.  The end of this week we’re expecting temps in the 50’s during the day again and lows of mid-30’s at night.  Crazy.

My wife had her tests for gluten intolerance, so we’re going back to being primal, and I’m thrilled about it.  I’ve noticed a definite change between eating normally and eating primally.  Being primal really cuts down on hunger pangs, and I can eat a few almonds in the morning for breakfast, have a small salad for lunch, and be ready to have a big meal by dinner time.  On a conventional diet, I wake up starving, and have to eat far more often.  I also noticed the change in energy levels – while primal, I’m full of energy all day long, which is great.

We grabbed a 10-pound turkey for Thanksgiving, which I’m excited about – I’m used to working on Thanksgiving, thanks to my family’s restaurant, so it’s always nice to get a chance to enjoy the holiday and do actual holiday things instead of working in an industrial kitchen all day long.


Art-wise, I did the doodle below in my Moleskine.  I’m happy with it, and Kathryn says it looks very Dr. Seuss-like.  I may do a few for my Etsy.  Speaking of which, I haven’t had any sales lately, but I’d love to be able to ship out a few items for Christmas gifts – if you’re looking for gifts for that special someone, head over to and take a look.  I think all of my items are priced fairly, and within anyone’s budget.

  1. Being sick sucks! hopefully you’ll feel better soon!

    (I love your drawings!)

  2. Hope you feel better soon!!

    Congratulations you were chosen as the Handmade Wednesday BLOG of the week! You will be spotlighted in tomorrow’s post. If you are interested in getting the codes to add the linky to your blog please email me and I’ll send you the code right away!

    Happy Handmade Wednesday!

  3. Stopping by from the blog hop…

    Your drawing is very Dr, Seuss like… I just got my first sale in a couple months on etsy… I think one of their last rounds of changes really killed my shop(s) momentum… In the process of building it up again.


    • Thanks! I’m thinking of doing more similar illustrations on Bristol board for my Etsy…. I’m not sure what the recent slow-down of sales comes from; I’ve only had 12 sales so far, so my shop isn’t hopping, but it would be nice to see more activity for the holidays. I think now is the best time to shop Etsy for Christmas gifts.

  4. Erika Price says:

    Hope you feel better soon. Love the doodle! Dropping by from Handmade Wednesday

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