I was finally able to get the paints I needed to start working on the main portion of my Karchev and Kodiak for the Paint It Pink Challenge – P3 Murderous Magenta and P3 Carnal Pink.  I’m using these colors because Plarzoid is using them for his own pink Khador – although I think our end results will be very different.  He’s going much brighter on the highlights than I think I’ll be doing, and the work that I’ve done so far already stands out as different.

The base beneath the pink is GW’s Codex Grey – a very light grey that works really well as a base coat for the lighter pinks that don’t work so well over black primer.  I then cover with two thin coats of Murderous Magenta, and then do two washes of a 2:1 Murderous Magenta:Carnal Pink mix.  I haven’t started the shading or highlighting yet, but I like it so far.  I’d also love to try doing some battle damage on the minis, since I think it will be an interesting contrast with the pink.  Not that Karchev himself in pink isn’t already an eye-opener.  For contrasting color I’m using Thornwood Green and Traitor Green, which will work well with the pink.

This last Thursday I had some games with Zerkova and the 35 point list I put together.  She’s accompanied by a Spriggan and Beast-09, two Greylord Ternions, and a full Winterguard unit with UA and Joe.  The games were… interesting.  My first game was against our Press Ganger using eFeora, and I made the mistake of sending the infantry first in a wave that was easily taken out, set on fire, and decimated.  Needless to say – I lost.  My next two games were also losses against another Menoth player using first eSeverious, and then Thyra.  The game against Thyra was closer, and in the end it came down to only a few miniatures per side.  I found that Watcher is an amazing spell for threatening the opponent, although with SPD 4 Khador ‘jacks there’s only so much I can do; at least both the warjacks I took have reach.  Daughters of the Flame are a frightening unit…

I’m not the greatest player in the world, and I’m definitely lacking in experience against most of the factions – in my previous meta, I was basically only playing against two of my buddies, one using Mercs consistently and the other switching between Cryx and Menoth for the most part.  Coming here to Atlanta and finding myself up against a meta of at least a dozen players, probably quite a few more, opens up all sorts of new challenges that I’m going up against.

I picked up Zerkova mainly because she gets so much flack on the forums, and I’m the sort of person who has a tendency to go against the norm when it comes to forum advice.  So she was appealing from the start.  I’d actually ordered her at my old LGS, but the order was never placed and I didn’t have a chance to pick up the miniature before moving to Atlanta.  She needs to be far forward, and while Khador usually has a lot of self-reliant units, I think that when using Zerkova the army needs to work more in concert to accomplish goals as a single unit, rather than allowing everything to work separately.  The Winterguard sprays are great for taking out multiple enemies, especially with Joe’s boosted attack rolls.  The Greylords are there for the same reason – sprays and their Blizzards to help cover the advance.  I’m looking forward to getting in more games and experience.


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