We’ve been primal as a family since early September/late August, and I’m definitely seeing the benefits. I’ve lost 10 pounds since then, by eating well according to the diet, and doing only moderate exercise. The problem is, I’ve lost 10 pounds since then! I’m at the point where my size 34 jeans are slipping off my hips if I’m not careful. I can’t really afford to buy new ones right now, so I thought I would put up a sale in my Greyed Out Etsy shop to celebrate the weight loss. My loss(literally!) is your gain. Use coupon code MOARPANTS to get 20% off, and please spread the word to friends and family as well. I know the holidays are coming up, and at Greyed Out you’ll find a variety of items that might make great gifts. I sew excellent drawstring bags to hold dice, rune stones, jewelry, camera lenses, and much more. I also make art, and have prints available of everything except my ACEOs. My Renaissance shirts have been popular this autumn, and I’ve sold two in the last month – one even went to a wedding!
Speaking of Greyed Out, I’ve also added a “Like” button that leads to the Greyed Out Productions Facebook page. That should make it easier to keep up with what I post there on Facebook.

In Primal news, Mark Sisson’s new book, The 21-Day Total Body Transformation was just released, and I’ve already read through it. Like The Primal Blueprint, it gives great guidelines on following a primal diet and lifestyle. The 21-Day book, though, breaks down the information a bit and makes it easier to absorb, and the back of the book has a long checklist of things to do in order to go through the 21 days. Mark literally walks you through the process, and makes it easy for the reader to follow along simply by checking and following each step. Like I mentioned at the beginning of the post, I found going primal to be wonderful. My wife and I were already largely eating real food, and had already cut out most of the processed stuff that makes up so much of a diet these days, so for us it was easier to switch over completely.

I’ve recently been playing with the idea of possibly doing a Kickstarter campaign for an art idea I had. I want to use Edward Gorey’s Gashlycrumb Tinies as inspiration for a fairy-tale inspired version. Go through the alphabet, and illustrate the demises of various persons via fairy tale means. Lots of trolls, fairies, wolves, witches, and much more will make their appearances. It would draw from classic fairy tales like the Grimm’s and Hans Christian Anderson stories, but also from Norwegian and Swedish fairy tales, as well as others if I can find the research for them. I think that as well as being a wonderful project to illustrate, it would also be fun to research and sketch out the various illustrations. Does anyone have any advice or experience with Kickstarter? I know there are a few other crowd-funding platforms out there… would IndieGoGo be a better choice? I’m not yet 100% sure if I’m doing this project, but I’m really tempted to try. The Kickstarter campaign would allow me to get a small print run made…

Those are tonight’s thoughts… Halloween is coming up, and though we probably won’t dress up, it means spooky movies, candy, maybe a fire, and lots of pumpkin-flavored things. Lattes, anyone?

  1. Shelley says:

    The fairy tale alphabet idea sounds great! I’ve never tried Kickstarter, but I’ve thought about it. Some seem to have luck with it..
    Did you add the new FaceBook & Twitter buttons through Etsy. I love this new function, though it seems that I can only add the Twitter button in one of my shops (samsstuff). If I try to add it to the other one (shellseye), it says the account is already in use. It’s a great new function, though.

    • I really like the Facebook function – the Twitter one I’ll leave alone, since my Twitter is more for personal posts. I’m glad you had a chance to use the Like button! 🙂

      I’ve never Kickstarter’d either, but it seems like it’s worth a shot. If the funding goal isn’t reached, the campaign doesn’t get funded – it seems fairly simple. I’ll give it some more thought, and publish a post here if and when I do decide to Kickstart.

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