I’m about to enjoy my second cup of coffee as I type this.  It’s a cool 55 degrees outside, and I wish it would stay that way all day long.  October is here, and the weather isn’t quite cooperating yet; we still have temperatures in the 70’s during the day.  It’s one of my favorite months, because it means Halloween, the coming of winter, and beautiful colors everywhere you look.  The bright oranges and reds of the trees bring out feelings of comfort, the desire to sit in front of a warm fire and sip a hot beverage, and the excitement of the holidays.

I’m rambling a bit, I know, but hopefully you’ll forgive me.  I didn’t set out with a clear plan when writing this post, I wanted to give an update.  Kathryn and I are doing well, though the second bedroom is still empty.  I’m not quite sure if we plan to keep it empty, or if we will be looking for a roommate.  I’ve not been drawing as much lately, because I’ve been painting miniatures again.  For my store I’ve made another crooked house; this time it’s the Fairy House – Gingerbread Edition.  I also still have these little Spooky Ghost Plushies available, and I’m rather fond of how they turned out.

I decided the other day that what I’d like to do is focus a bit more on gaming-related items.  I’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons and various other roleplaying games since high school, and it’s part of me as much as my costume skills are.  I sketched an ogre the other day, sitting at a bar drinking coffee and complaining about the adventurers who burst down his door.  I liked it so much that I’m going to do more of the same – I’d like to call it Adventuring Inn, and have a series of illustration that are very D&D themed in nature.  They’d all feature the same location, the bar or tables in the inn.  Why not capitalize on what I’m good at?

While I’m talking about gaming, I might as well put up a quick reminder – I have a section for Drawstring Bags in my Etsy.  Gamers always need a good, sturdy dice bag, and I stand by the construction of mine.

  1. Your ghost plushies are fabulous. Maybe you could do little snowmen for the winter season? 🙂

    • That’s a great idea, thanks! I’ll definitely look into for winter. Maybe I can make them out of white fleece…. 🙂 Antb, keep your husband away from my shop! 😉 I mean, wait.. no, send him to look at all the pretty dice bags!

  2. My husband used to be a dragon master. Remind me to keep him away from your shop…:)

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