I’ve been painting my Warmachine miniatures again, after finding my mojo.  I tend to go through periodic spells where I have no interest whatsoever in playing or painting my miniatures, and then suddenly I’ll come across something that will get me 100% interested in the hobby again.  The nice thing about miniatures is that they’re always there for you, and don’t disappear just because you’re busy with something else.

I’ve mentioned my interest in a Zerkova Tier 4 list before, and the other day I pulled out a Greylord and primed him to test out my color scheme for the Zerkova list.  The base color will be Cryx Bane Highlight – a greenish grey that’s nice and muted.  Accent this with my standard dried-blood red armor color, and add a few tertiary colors in small doses, and I think I have my new scheme.  I spent a few hours today getting base coats down, and was able to paint his gloves in an interesting color as well.  It didn’t occur to me that the Greylords will have grey cloaks, which ties in a bit to the Harry Dresden Files – the Wardens there wear grey cloaks, and are a sort of police force of battle wizards that keep order in the White Council(of wizards).  So I thought it was fitting that I was unintentionally outfitting my Greylord Ternions in grey.  I think I like how it’s turning out so far – I have plans to highlight the Cryx Bane Highlight with a bit of Hammerfall Khaki mixed in, and it will get shaded with Thornwood Green I think.  The blue gloves are a Firefly reference – “two by two, hands of blue”, though of course Greylords come in threes.

The other project is Karchev and the Paint It Pink challenge.  I’ve taken some picture of Karchev(in pieces).  The grey areas are ones which will be painted pink as soon as I can pick up my paints from the LGS.  The greens are a base of Thornwood Green with a light coating of Traitor Green on top, and will stay green as an accent color.  I’m hoping it works out as well as I think it will.  The metallics are done in Brazen Brass, and Boltgun Metal.  The Boltgun Metal was washed with P3 Armor Wash, and will get highlighted up again, I think .

Last but not least, I have a fairy/witch house that I’m working on.  I was going to paint it in Halloween-themed colors, with green slime running up the walls, but as I was laying down the base white colors for the slime, I realized it looked more like a gingerbread house, and so it will probably remain.  I’m excited to finish this little house and get it listed in my Etsy shop.

That’s it for today’s update – thanks for reading!  I hope to have the test Greylord finished soon, and I’ll update as well with Karchev news.


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