I’ve been busy the past few days working on a few things.  One of these is the new Fairy Tale Forest illustration in my Etsy shop. I’m offering an 8×10 print for now, and may add 5×7 prints later. This was a lot of fun to illustrate, and I liked doing all the trees and adding various smaller details. If you look around, you’ll see mushrooms, a skull, a badger den, and so on in the scene. I don’t think the goblins are terribly well hidden, either. 😉

I’ve been working on my Warmachine miniatures as well. The pink paints haven’t arrived at my local game store yet, so for now I’m focusing on the other colors on the miniatures – the metallics and so on. The pink will actually be painted on a grey undercoat, so all the areas that will be pink had to be done in grey first.
I finished a Berserker warjack as well, and took some pictures of that, and those are down below.
I’ve been thinking about starting a Tier 4 Zerkova list, which would include a lot of Greylord Ternion units, several units of Kayazy Assassins, and a small number of warjacks in Zerkova’s battle group. One of the big benefits that her Tier 4 list gives is a 2″ deployment zone increase, which can be huge with fast models like the Kayazy. I also rather like the idea of a huge group of Greylord wizards, all sending out icy sprays and clouds to block line of sight. I’ve even given the color scheme some thought, and I think I want to use my standard dried-blood, rusty red, along with muted greys/dirty creams for the miniatures. Maybe I’ll experiment with Cryx Bane Highlight, because that’s almost the grey I have in mind. I have no game experience with Zerkova at all, but I’d love to learn how to use her in the game – she seems like a really excellent warcaster with lots of abilities to mess with your opponent.

If anyone wants to commission me for any illustration or miniature painting, please feel free to email at greylikestorms (at) me.com or reply here in the comment section. I’d even be open to painting miniatures in exchange for new miniatures.


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