It’s been a bit of a busy week.  I’ve been working on a custom Renaissance shirt for an Etsy customer, who made the request to have a shirt made for a wedding.  That’s kept me pretty me busy for most of last week, so I didn’t get as much sketching done as I should have.  The shirt was mailed off on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday I got creative.

I decided to take some leftover shirt fabric and put it together in an interesting way.  Add a few buttons, and some hand sewing, and this little guy was the result:

He’s stuffed with polyfil, and I think he makes a great addition to anybody’s Halloween decor.  I’ve listed him in my Etsy shop here for $15:

I may try my hand at other, similar little stuffed creations – they’re fun to make, and I enjoy putting everything together to get something cute as a result.  Maybe cats or mice will be next…

I’ve also been working on some miniatures for Warmachine.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and a lot of the Warmachine community gets really involved, some going so far as to paint entire armies in pink to raise awareness.  There is a contest called Paint It Pink that I’m going to try participating in, and to that end I’ll be painting two miniatures in pink and submitting some images.  The contest has some great prize support, including some army transport bags.  It’s a huge chore to lug my miniatures to the game store right now, because I need two separate carrying cases, and I really do need a new bag to consolidate everything into one easy to carry transport bag.  I have my eye on a brand called Portable Warfare, which run around $80 for a great bag filled with foam trays for keeping your miniatures safe.  Not a bad price, considering that you’re essentially protecting potentially hundreds of dollars worth of miniatures in your transport.  I may try to show some progress pictures along the way, to show of my painting.

For my Etsy shop, Greyed Out, I’m currently working on inking a fairy forest scene, and once that’s done I’ll get it scanned and list prints in the store.  I’m also considering making a pdf file of my drawstring bag pattern, because I’ve noticed that it occasionally comes up in the search terms when I check my shop stats.  One piece of good news; I’ve managed to sell another Renaissance shirt!  This one will be going to someone as part of his first SCA costume, so I’m proud that I can help out.  This means that from now on, I’ll be making these shirts to order, which means that custom orders are a possibility.  I’m also working on another miniature fairy house with a really cool roof design, and I’m excited to see what it will look like when finished.

I’ll more than likely post again in a few days; thanks for reading, and please feel free to leave a comment!


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