Art Post – Victorian with a Twist

Posted: August 28, 2011 in Uncategorized
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When I run out of things to sketch, or don’t feel like sketching anything in particular, I resort to Victorian gentlemen in waistcoats.  It’s part of my comfort zone.  Today I thought I’d play with something a little different, and I started with a gentleman in proper attire, and then added a WW1-era gas mask.  You know, the creepy ones that make anyone who wears them look absolutely mad because they cover your whole face and hide all expression.  I did another sketch later today with the same theme, and maybe I’m on to something.  An alternate history, maybe.  Because everything changed, after the War…

What if World War 1 had happened earlier?  I’m thinking just after the Civil War, or maybe even at the very tail end.  Maybe the Civil War didn’t end, and just kept on going.  And eventually, Europe broke out in war as well.  It’s a really fascinating concept, and I may want to explore that further.  I’m not quite sure yet if I will, but the possibilities are there.

Here’s a short teaser:


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