Gorey and Kenn; Line Art Inspires and Terrifies.

Posted: August 4, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I have mentioned both Don Kenn and Edward Gorey on this blog before.  In today’s post, I thought I would share a few images from both artists that show the details that go into their art.  In my attempts to illustrate images inspired by these two artists, I’ve found that the intricately detailed line art is actually harder than it appears at first.  Your lines must have a consistency that fits with each other line on the page, while at the same time creating dimension, shadow, distance.  In short, the entire image is dependent on lines, instead of more conventional means of composition.

Gorey illustrated a number of children’s books that he authored himself; most are incredibly short and have been gathered into several collections, the best-known of which are probably Amphigorey and Amphigorey 2.  He passed away in 2000, and was, among other things, known for his fondness of cats and the New York Ballet; at one point in his life he attended every single performance of the ballet for several years.  He often wore heavy rings and fur coats, and was a bit eccentric.  The following images will hopefully showcase his art well.


Don Kenn is a Scandinavian artist who does most of his work on Post-it notes.  The illustrations largely represent hidden or not-so-hidden terrors near oblivious people.


  1. Very interesting post! I’ve been a fan of Edward Gorey for a long & now I’ve been introduced to an interesting new artist. Thank you!

    Stopping by from Handmade Wednesday to say hi, check out your blog & learn something new!

    • Thanks, and welcome to the blog! I’ve been a bit spotty about updating on a regular schedule, and really need to fix that in the next few weeks. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading the blog – I plan to post more illustrations and sketches as I get better, and the posts on exploring Atlanta will continue as well.

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