Thoughts from Places: Savage Pizza, Little 5 Points

Posted: July 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

I know it’s been too long since I’ve written anything, and I apologize.  Life, in that peculiar way that it has, decided to intervene.  Things Happened.  Including my marriage to my wonderful and beautiful wife in the middle of June, June 15th.  So I hope you’ll forgive a lapse in blogging, because June was a beautiful and exciting month.

Sometime early in June, Kathryn and I had planned to head to Little 5 Points, an artistic and eclectic area in downtown Atlanta, to meet a friend of hers and have dinner at The Vortex.  If you haven’t seen pictures of the Vortex, it’s a pretty unmistakeable location.  The entrance is a big skull, painted white with swirls of black, and the front door is inside the mouth.  It’s a great restaurant/bar.  Trivia is on Tuesdays, or was a few years ago, on my first visit to Atlanta.

Little 5 Points, or L5P, is always crowded, but especially so on weekend nights, and I want to say that it was a Friday when we went down and tried to get food.  We saw the huge line of people waiting to get into the restaurant, and decided to find a different place, Fox Bros. Barbeqeue.  Unfortunately, our quest for Fox Bros failed because we couldn’t find the restaurant.

As a fallback, we ended up at Savage Pizza, which is also in L5P and within easy walking distance of the Vortex.  Thankfully, they were open until 11, and it was nearly 10 when we arrived.  The place looks like it’s been open for ages, and we grabbed a table at the back.  It’s a small pizza place, and has pretty much what you expect as far as atmosphere goes.  It’s a wonderful place, and I’m already looking forward to going back.  The walls are painted yellow, as you walk in the smell of fresh-baked pizza hits you and makes your mouth water.  The menu has a variety of pizza choices, along with calzones and sandwiches and lasagnas.  Neither of us wanted pizza, so I ordered a calzone and Kathryn had the lasagna.  We both chose spinach-themed dishes.  I’ve had calzones before, but I wasn’t expecting the size of calzone at Savage Pizza.  It filled my entire plate, and I could only finish half of it before I was stuffed.  Not bad for $10.

We both left full and satisfied, a happy end to an evening that started slow and then got complicated, particularly while we were trying to find Fox Bros.

I’ve since tried my hand at making calzones, and I think they’ll become a staple recipe in my arsenal – they’re simple to make, filling, and don’t take too long, even with the dough-making process included.  My first attempt was broccoli and carmelized onion calzones with a cheesy sauce.  I want to say that I ended up with 4 huge calzones, which were enough to feed us for the next three days – the dough was very much a bread-like dough, and particularly filling thanks to that.


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