I touched on this a little bit in my first post, but I thought I would revisit the topic again briefly in today’s entry.  I’ve been wearing my kilt regularly for several months now, and it’s become another garment to wear, instead of something unusual to put on for special occasions.  I don’t feel odd about wearing it outside anymore.  I do still have days like today where it’s easier to put on a pair of pants.  But for the most part the kilt has become a part of my wardrobe.

I still get comments and questions about the kilt, which I don’t mind at all – I’ve found that I really like answering people’s questions.  I had a woman in Whole Foods ask me about irish stew and colcannon a few weeks ago.  I think she assumed that because I was wearing a kilt, I must be Irish/Scottish, and therefore know the particulars about that cuisine.  I answered as best I could, and I hope her irish stew turned out well.  A gentleman on the bus asked if I wear the kilt due to my religion.  And today someone suggested that I should be at the Georgia Renaissance Festival.

Every reaction I’ve had so far has been positive, except for the teenager months ago who yelled that I should go back to Scotland.  I like to think that by wearing the kilt and letting people ask questions I can improve their knowledge about the garment a little bit, and bring a better understanding of other cultures.

Utilikilt actually has a referral program that I’ve thought about joining, but the way their description is worded on the website makes it a little hard to understand exactly how it works.  From what I understand, if I refer someone to the website using a specific URL associated with me, and that person ends up buying a kilt, I get a certain commission off the sale.  Which might be worth it just to eventually acquire another utilikilt.  They’re incredibly comfortable, and even the Workman’s model that I have is wearable in summer heat.  I believe that the standard model is a slightly lighter fabric, with fewer pockets.  If I were to get another utilikilt, I’d be looking at both the Workman’s model and the standard model, which are both offered in a decent number of colors.

When I first saw the utilikilt online I thought it was interesting, and I did want to get one to try on, but I never imagined that I’d be practically living in it.  I can see why people like wearing non-pants garments – the extra air circulation definitely helps on warm days!  It’s much like wearing shorts, except that it’s a skirt.  For men.  A very manly skirt.  With rugged pleats and pockets.

  1. spice69man says:

    I totally agree with you! My Utilikilts are part of my regular wardrobe. I wear them almost every day. And when I don’t wear one, my friends will go “Where’s the kilt?”

    • I have friends ask me “Don’t you ever wear pants?” because they’re so used to seeing me in the kilt. It’s the perfect garment for pretty much any weather, though I haven’t gone out during any really windy days yet. I know it has the modesty closures, but I’m not sure how I feel about the way the kilt looks when those are snapped in place…

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