The Dice Bag of Nine Pockets is easily one of the most popular dice bags I offer at, and the other day I took some new pictures.

The images show off the pockets, as well as the really cool new dice I grabbed for my Alpha Legion – I’m really excited to start using these in games! The blue and red dice bags also have nine pockets each, and I took these pics mostly to offer some images of the various colors I have available.

In addition to that, there are new pictures of the Tyrannosaur and Killer GM dice bags as well. Take a look, and as always, you can get a discount on your order if you use the coupon code “dftba” at checkout.


Holidays Are The Busiest Time

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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything at all, forgive me. The past couple of months have been incredibly busy, especially now, getting dice bags out for the holidays. Over at Greyed Out I’m frantically filling holiday orders so that everyone can get their dice bags by Christmas. I’m blown away by how popular the Dice Bag of Pockets has been; record numbers of these are making their way to gaming tables across the world.

After the holidays, I might try to get some more painting time in – that’s been lacking lately only due to my super busy schedule. To keep an eye on some of my current projects, head over to The 73rd Harrowing to check out my Horus Heresy era Alpha Legion army.

In the meantime, I’ll leave off for today with a quick dice bag snapshot. Happy gaming!

An incredible giveaway featuring one of my Greyed Out dice bags and some other fantastic roleplaying themed loot!

Death By Mage

Happy December everyone!

If you’re reading this, I want to first thank you (my audience and visitors) for visiting, reading, commenting, and sharing my blog across the Internet. Because you, this blog has grown and hit a lot of milestones this year.

Milestone #1: We beat the most viewed post (Santa Claus, Hero of Christmas) of 2016 with my improved fear and Warlock pact article (Fear article) in a single day. The Santa Claus article is still my #2 All-Time Most viewed article on the blog.

Milestone #2:Not only did we beat the most viewed article of 2016, by the end of October, we beat the most monthly views for (you guessed it) December.

Milestone #3: After recovering from the shock of October, the month of November broke a personal milestone of over 10,000 monthly views without any signal boosting from a major source. We…

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I recently finished another addition to my Horus Heresy-era Alpha Legion army – a full 10-man support squad armed with volkite chargers!  The more of this army I paint, the more I want to paint; I think it’s going to look incredible once an entire army is finished and on the gaming table.  Right now I have only a small collection, but at some point I would love to add more tanks and tactical marines.  From Forge World, Vindicators with laser destroyer arrays, a Spartan Assault Tank, and of course some form of super heavy like a Fellblade or a Glaive.

Like the rest of my Alpha Legion, these were primed black, and then I airbrushed GW Air Leadbelcher as the base.  On top of that, Badger Minitaire Ghost Tints.  Blue from the bottom, spraying lightly, and then Plasma Fluid from the top.  The more coats you apply, the deeper/darker the color gets.  The weathering and dust is done with Skrag Brown as well as Secret Weapon Miniatures weathering pigments.

If you’re interested in having space marines of your own painted, I’m open to doing commissions and offer reasonable rates.  I can get GW kits at a discount, which would eliminate the need to ship miniatures to me for painting; instead everything can be ordered and sent directly to me.  Please feel free to get in touch via a comment here on the blog, or email at greylikestorms(at)


Over the last year or so I’ve become slowly more and more frustrated with Etsy – it seems like each month I get fewer sales, and I think part of that is due to Etsy’s constantly changing search algorithm.  It gets harder and harder for buyers to find my dice bags.  Ideally, I’d love my own website, but I don’t have the cash to hire someone to build one for me.

So what I’m doing is branching out a little bit, and giving Zibbet a try.  It’s similar to Etsy, but newer.  If nothing else, it means an additional place where people can find Greyed Out dice bags.  And that’s always helpful, right?

If you’re looking for a professional quality dice bag that will last you through years of gaming, head over to Greyed Out on Zibbet and check out what I have listed so far, like this Classic RPG Map dice bag.  It’s fully reversible, features a cool retro blue-and-white dungeon map design, and will hold all of your dice.


classic rpg dice bag 3

Alpha Legion Showcase Video!

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A few weeks back I shot a short video overview of the Alpha Legion miniatures I have done so far.  You can view the video below:

I recently finished a Contemptor Dreadnought for my Alpha Legion army.  The arms are magnetized at the “elbows”, allowing weapon swaps between the assault cannon, melta gun, and close combat fist.  I left the rest of the miniature as standard; at some point I’d love to get a Forge World Alpha Legion Contemptor.

As per my normal Alpha Legion recipe, I prime black, then airbrush GW Air Leadbelcher.  After that, apply Badger Minitaire Ghost Tint Blue lightly from the bottom upwards, and Ghost Tint Plasma Fluid from the top down.  Note that the more coats you apply, the darker the color gets.

I’ve also updated my Greyed Out Painting Miniature Commissions page.  If you’re interested in having anything painted by me, please take a look to see recent examples of my work and get in touch!





I recently finished this guy and I’m pretty happy with the results:



classic black dungeon 1 dice bag


The Dice Bag of Mapping is a potential powerful item when used correctly.  An unassuming drawstring bag at first glance, it has an unusual design – the bag will sit open on its own due to the unique construction.  It is large enough to hold a handful or two of dice, enough chalk to mark a labyrinth, and/or various other small items.  When used correctly, the bag will display a map of the wielder’s surroundings for 500 feet in all directions surrounding him.  Handy for moving through dungeons, and even in wilderness environments!  Some versions of this dice bag also allow the user to make a “pinch and zoom” motion with his thumb and index finger on the fabric to see a larger or smaller mapped area.

Get one of your own at Greyed Out.


First finished painting project of 2016.